AVSM donates to Charity

LNS Charity IMG 3716Two charities in Windhoek, Huis Maerua, and Place of Angels each received a donation to the value of N$ 12 875. The money was raised through the Charity Auction which was held at the 2020 Christmas Late Night Shopping and raised N$ 25 750. The donations included food parcels and children's toys.

Items that were auctioned were sponsored by many companies including O&L Leisure, Body20, Voigtland Guesthouse, O&L Leisure, Voigtland Guesthouse, African Marketing, World of Hygiene, Rejuvenate Whk, Emssence, Body 20, Nouveau Wines, Pick n Pay, Harley Davidson, Okapuka, Laramon Tours, Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, Varta, Remington, Stanley and Hero Refuse bags.