Auas Valley Shopping Mall’s initiative raised more than N$30 000 for rhinos

e66 iwaA donation of N$ 30 820.45 was handed over to the Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (SRT) on Wednesday 11 April at 10:00 by Auas Valley Shopping Mall’s management.

This money was raised through the Row-for-a-Rhino competition at Auas ​​Valley Shopping Mall's late night shopping event, which was held on Wednesday 28 March 2018 from 17:00 to 20:00.

Fifteen teams from different companies entered the competition, where volunteers had to row on exercise machines to raise money for the Trust. Auas Valley Shopping Mall sponsored N$ 50 for every km that was rowed.

Teams from SCE Consulting Engineers, Classic Car Rental, Crossfit Plus 264, BA Mining cc, RMB Namibia, HOG Namibia Windhoek, HOG Namibia Tsumeb, Excel Nutrition Africa, Taeuber & Corssen Namibia, Pick ‘n Pay Auas Valley, Melanie – Fitness & Nutrition and Agra (who called themselves the ‘Rowing Rhino Rebels’) enrolled. Agra's executive management also entered a team. 

In total 152 km was rowed on the evening.

Each rowing team consisted of four team members and had to pay N$ 1000 as an entry fee. SCE Consulting Engineers and Classic Car Rental each donated an additional N$ 2000, on top of paying their entry fees, and Wordpress sponsored their team (CFP 264 Lions Pride) with another N$ 1000.

Lapa Lange also donated N$ 1000.

“This year, the Save the Rhino Trust celebrated its 35th year of existence. It has taken a lot of hard work in a tough environment to survive often challenging times. From the point of near extinction, the rhino population has rebounded,” Hannelie Turner, PR and Fundraising Manager at SRT said at the handover.

“The Trust has had great success in reducing poaching within the Kunene region and has seen this region’s rhino population triple since its inception. However, we could not have done this without initiatives such as this one organized by Auas Valley Shopping Mall,” she added.

“This donation will used to upgrade our field radio system. Communication is key to our success in the field and we are very reliant on field radios to effectively conduct monitoring and security patrols.”

Auas ​​Valley Shopping Mall's late night shopping events take place four times a year, or once in every season of the year. During these occasions, various products are offered at special prices and some stores offer up to 50% discount on certain items.

This time the theme was Easter, focusing on health, fitness and lifestyle. Entertainment was also offered to children by Wakandume Trading, which included pony rides and other entertainment.

The Namibian blood transfusion service (NBTS) was situated on the lower floor and volunteers could donate blood. According to the blood service, they collected enough blood during this event to save 117 lives. A total of six people donated blood for the first time and several donors were grateful for the convenience of giving blood after working hours.